Hello it is I, Digo. I live in the internet and I eat tumblr text posts for breakfast. For dessert I eat my own drawings.

I will post nearly anything and everything about my personal life. I roleplay a few characters so if you wanna know anything about them just ask. If you've got any other questions I'd be happy to answer them.
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Im gonna continue drawing Maddie’s face

internet why

why betray


I dream about holding him there
Pressed to my chest, holding him close
Because as I dream, I realize
He’s the one I love the most

I dream about a world
In which distance does not tear us apart
I dream about a world
Where I can make a new start

And as I dream, a tear may fall
Because I ache for the one I love
And I dream that, maybe someday
My dream won’t be so far above

But alas, my dreams are just dreams
Things so far away
Because if I think too hard
He may never stay

And if you’re reading this
You should know who you are
You’re the brightest thing in my life
You’re my shining star

And, if you’re reading this
You should know that I do
Not only am I crazy about you
But I’m in love with you


Red vs Blue animated short

im gonna dieeeee

I’m so fucking tired

I’m gonna try to contact other rp blogs on starflare

funfact: i accidently kept spelling bio’s aoe prime’s url as mysouldwithinthestars for the first thread and then for about the first four or five replies in a second thread and i still feel really embarressed

>does 2 am replies

>ugly but quiet laughter